About Us

Company Profile

Mirazzi Building Products Inc is a privately owned company specializing in the wholesale of products for commercial, institutional, industrial and residential projects in British Columbia and Alberta. The following is the list of products that Mirazzi Building Products is currently offering:

  • High End Exterior and Interior Doors made in America
  • High End Exterior and Interior Doors made in Italy
  • Aluminum Doors & Frames (for Schools, Hospitals, Water Treatment Plants, Offshore Oil Rigs, Animal Facilities, Government Buildings, Military Housing)
  • Exterior Windows
  • Mechanical & Electronic Door Hardware
  • Architectural Door Hardware Product Solutions
  • Interior Mouldings
  • Division 10, Specialties.
  • Access & Egress Control Solutions
  • Consultation of design and implementation of solution(s)
  • Installation of Doors and Door Hardware
  • Post Construction Service & Maintenance
  • Automatic Door Operators


Mirazzi Building Products’ mission is to provide products and services to our clients based on their specific requirements and project schedules.

Our team of experienced professionals will collaborate with Owners, Architects, Developers and Consultants to design and implement a solution that meets all objectives. You can always count on Mirazzi to provide the highest standard of service and product expertise for any of your projects.

Our goal is to provide a working solution that fits the needs of our clients.

We carefully hand pick the product(s) that best fits the client and their building environment.

We achieve excellent results due to our deep product knowledge and our vast construction industry background.

We offer competitive prices and expert consultation. Please contact us with any of your current or future project needs.